iWonow’s Leather Watch Band for the Moto 360 (First Generation)


Personal anecdote before I get started: I recently bought myself a Moto 360 (First Generation) when it was on sale on eBay. When I got it, the steel band on it was a few links too small and it didn’t come with any replacements – so the very first thing I did was call Motorola for some extras. They were very accommodating, and I didn’t have to pay for anything. Very good customer service. In the meantime, though, I decided to order a bunch of watchbands and try them out for you all.

I was sorely disappointed. Only one of them fit the First Gen, in the whole bunch – despite all of them listing the Moto 360 First Gen as a compatible device.IMG_20160601_094644_1

The band that fit? iWonow’s simple black leather band – 12.99 on Amazon. It’s kind of boring and plain, but it does the trick better than any of the bands. It’s comfortable, decent enough on the eyes, and long enough even for my fat kid wrists.

IMG_20160601_095551The band itself is plenty sturdy, if thin, and while the band loops are nothing to write home about, they certainly contain the band. Unlike other bands I’ve dealt with in the past, this one doesn’t seem to absorb sweat as much as others – and therefore doesn’t tend to smell after a while, like some. The package comes with both a tool and extra pins to work with, so you don’t need to worry about ordering any of those things.

To be honest, the best selling point of this band is that it’s actually compatible with the Moto 360’s First Gen watch. The others I ordered weren’t, making this the best – and only – one I’ve come across so far.