5 great Android Wear smartwatches for you to consider


While Apple has released one smartwatch in the last two years, Google has partnered with a wide range of manufacturers to release a wide variety of Android Wear devices.

Android Wear, like Android OS, is software developed by Google aimed to make your life easier through your watch. Smartwatches have the ability to track your steps, sleep patterns, give you notifications, play games, and can even act as standalone texting and calling devices.

We have gathered five of our favorite Android Wear smartwatches you can get right now.

Check them out below.

Huawei Watch – $350


Finally, there is a stylish smartwatch for smart, stylish people. Inspired by the classic designs of luxury watches, with cutting-edge technology, the Huawei Watch redefines what we’ve come to expect from a smartwatch.

Get the Huawei watch at Amazon, Best Buy, Huawei, or NewEgg

Moto 360 – 2nd Gen $299


Moto 360 keeps you up to date without constantly grabbing your phone. Read Gmail messages and calendar invites at a glance, thanks to Android Wear. See what matters while staying in the moment.

Get the Moto 360 2nd Gen at Motorola, Amazon, or Google

Casio Outdoor Smartwatch – $500


Smart and active for nature’s biggest adventures!

Equipped with a full complement of outdoor features to handle conditions across a wide range of activities, along with a wide array of functions which adds depth and breadth to outdoor life when connected with a smartphone.

In the Timepiece Mode, the monochrome LCD becomes a dedicated timekeeping display. Communications functions and the color LCD are OFF, reducing energy consumption for extended outdoor uses such as mountain hut trekking. The Smart Outdoor Watch serves as a normal timepiece.

Get the Casio Outdoor smartwatch at Amazon, Google, REI or Casio

Fossil Q Founder – $275


So you want a watch with touchscreen functionality and classic good looks? Timing is everything with Q Founder—a (best of both worlds) digital display smartwatch in smoky stainless steel that tracks activity and connects seamlessly to your phone.
Powered by Android Wear, this touchscreen smartwatch tracks activity, connects to your favorite apps, receives display notifications, and has customizable faces to fit your style. Fossil Q Founder is engineered with Intel Innovation and compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Get the Fossil Q Founder from Google, Fossil, or Amazon

LG Watch Urbane Second edition – $350-450


Make calls, text friends, and receive notifications with a stand-alone cellular connection on your watch. Now you can communicate with your watch — with or without your phone. Experience all the apps and enhanced features that Android Wear has to offer. Stand-alone cellular connection lets you enjoy your favorite apps without your phone.

Lighten up. Go on a run without your phone and still log your progress and goals. The LG Health app tracks distance, pace, heart rate, and elevation, and works with a wide range of activities.

Get the LG Watch Urbane from AT&T or Verizon