Adidas debuts $199 miCoach Fit Smart


Just when we thought Android Wear had the market cornered, Adidas have decided now would be a great time to release a fitness band called the miCoach Fit Smart.

The FuelBand-like fitness tracker pairs with the miCoach apps for both iOS and Android, features a 200mAh battery to last you up to five days, and can track metrics including calories, pace, distance, and strides.

Designed for running, training and fitness, FITSMART is unlike many of the activity trackers on the market today as it measures heart rate response to physical activity and then guides the user train at the right intensity for the best results…

The Adidas miCoach Fit Smart uses a 17×11 LED light arrangement for its UI to provide a visual glance on the current workout intensity and also provide feedback and coaching.

The fitness wearable from Adidas is arriving in the US from late August for $199, with it being available worldwide on August 15th through