Affordable fitness band, the Movo Wave now available


There is no doubt that the wearable market is exploding.  There are all kinds of smartwatches, fitness bands and other wearables available these days.  The problem is that these items are often very expensive.  If you are looking for an affordable fitness band, the Movo Wave might be right up your alley.  The Wave offers all of the tracking functions you would expect (steps, distance, calories burned, etc.) in an attractive package.  The Wave looks like a typical fitness band that you wear on your wrist, it’s sleek and simple, but it gives you the option to add a bit of flair with various colored bands you can add to the device.  An interesting feature allows you to sync pictures with various activities throughout your day so friends can see what your doing to get fit.  That’s not all though, the Wave is supposed to be water resistant and should last up to two weeks on a single battery charge.  The Wave is available now for $29.99 right here.

Source Movo via PR Web