Afterguard Recon: world’s first heads-up display aimed at sailors


Taking a hint from what Google Glass is doing for their explorers, the Afterguard Recon is a heads-up display built onto a pair of sunglasses designed specifically for sailors.

The Afterguard Recon provides vital data to the sailor at all times, all without having to lift a finger which enables them to concentrate on what matters.

The Afterguard connects to a special box fitted alongside your boat’s instruments which sends information from the control panel directly to the Recon using WiFi. The display can then be customised to show only data for certain crew, or for the entire boat personnel.

The Recon sets the display just below your line of sight, with an equivalent of a 30-inch screen viewed from 7-feet away, running at 240 x 400 resolution.

So if you’re a sailor and are intreged by Google Glass, then you should definitely check out the Afterguard Recon.

VIA: Digital Trends