Android Wear BeeLink: Connect to Android devices from your smartwatch [‘Watch’ This App]


One of the biggest complaints from smartwatch users is that it’s a difficult process to connect the smartwatch to their different Android devices. Users oftentimes find it to be a confusing, tedious process, and just plain hard to switch from one device to another. If this is a problem you have, then the Android Wear BeeLink app might just be your solution.

When BeeLink is opened it automatically searches for Android devices nearby that it can connect to, and allows you to easily connect or disconnect to to a device right from your watch. All you have to do is run the app, decide which device you wish to connect to, click the button that says “Pair?”, and BeeLink will connect your watch to whichever device you chose.

This app is simple to use, yet solves a big problem that many people have with their smartwatches, and is definitely worth checking out.

‘Watch’ This App is a regular series of articles designed to showcase apps and games which Android Wear owners might be interested in checking out. Updated roughly once per day, it’s our way of alerting readers to cool ways to get more from their smartwatch.

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