Android Wear gains Wi-Fi, wrist gestures, and always-on apps



Google on Monday announced a rather sizable and handy update for its Android Wear platform. Rolling out over the coming weeks, wearables will pick up some really cool and practical features.

For starters, Android Wear will now support always-on apps, which means they can stay on the screen, keeping the display on regardless of whether the arm is lowered.


Also, Android Wear-powered watches will be able to support Wi-Fi and rely less on having a nearby smartphone. So long as the watch is connected to some form of data the wearable will receive notifications and messages.

Once the update rolls out, Android Wear devices will also support gestures and allow wearers to draw them directly on the display.


And, finally, the smartwatches will also allow for gestures; flicking wrist to scroll through content and notifications instead of touching and manual swiping.

According to Google, the Android Wear update is expected to reach most devices in the coming weeks.

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