Apple to include more than 10 sensors in the upcoming iWatch?


We’re getting tons of rumors lately on the Apple’s upcoming smartwatch. This is completely normal considering the release of it is expected in Q4, probably October, although that’s just a rumor. Apple’s employee recently confirmed the company is working on a wrist-mounted wearable, which are probably other words for an iWatch or whatever they decide to call it in the end. Now we have a report from Wall Street Journal which decided to jump on the iWatch train and share a report of their own.

Today’s smartphones have all sorts of sensors included in order to track certain aspects of your workout for example, like the distance you’ve travelled and such. Though these smartphones have only few of those, which track basic things, according to WSJ Apple will up the ante a bit. Apple plans to include more than 10 sensors in the iWatch. There are no news which sensors those are or what else they might track, but Apple wants to differentiate somehow. Samsung’s new SIMBAND platform definitely proved there are lots of stuff a wrist-mounted device can track, aside from the basics of course.

What kind of sensors do you think Apple will include in the iWatch?

Source: Wall Street Journal