Android Wear apps already outnumber Google Glass apps


Google Glass was revealed mid-2012 and made available in April 2013 in a  so-called “Explorer Program” to a limited number of people, this program was in fact a closed beta. Google finally decided to make it available to general public (in U.S.) 2 months ago. Some might say Glass has been around for a long time and that is true, but it’s been available for only 2 months to general public for a hefty price and only within U.S.

That said, Android Wear platform which got launched at this year’s Google I/O now counts more apps than Google Glass does. Google Glass’ Glassware didn’t really catch up as well as Android Wear did, but that was kind of expected. Android Wear apps are rather easy to make and place on Google Play (similar to Android apps), compared to Google Glass apps of course. Glass’ apps first have to go to Google for approval and are often sent back to developers in order to change certain aspects of them. We of course have to mention that developers are far more interested in making Android Wear apps than Google Glass ones because Android Wear smartwatches are definitely going to sell a lot better than Google Glass, not only because of the price factor but the fact Glass’ is still too futuristic for people. Besides, many more people are used to wearing watches on a regular basis compared to glasses.

Do you own either the Google Glass or an Android Wear smartwatch?

Via: Connectedly