Arrow smartwatch features 360-degree rotating camera


A smartwatch with a camera is a rarity at the moment, mainly due to the awkwardness of mounting one on a watch where it can provide a useful function other than just taking selfies. In steps Arrow with their circular faced Arrow smartwatch that has a bezel mounted camera which can rotate 360-degrees and snap pictures from any direction you wish.




The clever design is a first in the smartwatch world and Arrow plan to fit an 8-megapixel auto focusing camera to the rotating bezel that will also be able to record HD video, all of which the company hope will make the Arrow smartwatch standout from the rest.

Other features that the watch will bring are Qi wireless charging ,fitness tracking with a heart rate monitor and a step counter built in plus you’ll also be able to use it to make and receive calls, thanks to a speaker and microphone setup.

One big question is, will it be powered by Android Wear ? Lets hope that Arrow will consider this as the OS of choice so that it can benefit from the awesome features of Google’s wearable platform.

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