Asus chairman: our smartwatch will be a “hero product”


About a week ago we wrote about Asus and their plans to release a very cheap Android Wear smartwatch in September, thought that was just a rumor. This time we have something way more concrete for you.

During Taiwan Economic Summit in Taipei, Asus chairman Jonney Shih told the media that their smartwatch will be an innovative piece of technology. Along with that he mentioned it will have the right price and that it will be the right form factor for such a product, he emphasized this. Shih didn’t mention when the device will launch, but he did mention that it will be a “hero product”.Additionaly he said: “Our smartwatch will have many key features, including notifications and capabilities of understanding users to help them solve many real-time problems.”

These are some big words from Asus’ chairman, let’s hope they are going to be able to deliver what he’s promising. As we said, he didn’t mention the release date for this smartwatch, but based on a previous article we’re expecting it to launch in a September time frame.

Source: Focus Taiwan
Via: G4Games