Asus targets September for Android Wear smartwatch release with a low price


Android Wear was a major part of the Google I/O keynote Wednesday and while the spotlight was on LG, Samsung and Motorola’s smartwatches, it was said that there are many more in the works.

Thanks to TechCrunch, we now know a little bit more about an Android Wear device coming from Asus this fall.

While it was rumored to be coming around Q3, a source familiar with the Taiwanese company’s plans told recently TechCrunch that it is planned to be released in September with an AMOLED display and a price likely between $99 and $149. This is well below what the devices are going for from LG and Samsung, which sell for $229 and $199 respectively on Google Play. Pricing has yet to be announced for the Moto 360.

Also according to the source, Asus decided to wait until later to launch its Android Wear device so it wasn’t rushed. Samsung’s Gear Live includes a heartrate monitor, but LG’s did not, which the company said was due to the time constraints from the strict schedule imposed by Google to meet the launch window.

Hopefully more details about the smartwatch will emerge soon.

VIA: TechCrunch