Ball O’Clock – Wear Watch Face review



Today’s watch face review is Ball O’Clock, a paid client from an Android developer known as samham. Priced at $1.42, we expected to find some customization as well as a unique approach to time-telling on an Android Wear. What we found was a little bit of both.

ball_o_clock_settingsThe idea behind Ball O’Clock is that you’ve got metallic looking balls that drop down from the top of the display. Depending on what time it is, the balls tip over and fall into specific bucket represented by five minute marks. It’s a cool idea, in theory, but the execution falls a little bit flat.

For starters, the ball that “rolls” around the outer edge looks less like rolling and more like the silver head of a light beam. There’s light gradient, sure, but it doesn’t look like it has true depth. With that said, the ball does mark where the second-hand is, giving us a bit of animation.

Looking at the clock, it takes a couple of times to get used to understanding the very specific time. For instance, 10:33 would be represented by a ball in the 10 (hour), one in the 30, and one in the 3. There’s something about the ordering of the three rows that is a little wonky. It’s hard to say, though, how one goes about addressing this without taking away it’s unique approach. To help you better understand the actual time we suggest reading from the bottom up.

In terms of customization, there’s just a smidge to be found. Users can toggle between 14 different colors, nearly all of which border on being bright and/or neon. Additionally, it’s possible to toggle the battery display on and off. The options can be found inside of the Android Wear app and not directly withing the watch. For what it’s worth, we reviewed version 1.2; the developer promises “more customizations soon”.

We like Ball O’Clock but we don’t necessarily love it. Perhaps at $.099 we would feel differently about the app. Sure, we’re dealing with less than two quarters difference, however there are more flexible watch faces to be found for this price, or lower.

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