Chron Watch Face review



Up for review today is the Chron Watch Face from Two Toasters. Featuring a nice complementing teal and orange color scheme, this is a set-it-and-forget-it layout. In other words, there’s nary an option to customize. Not that we necessarily saw something that sticks out, but we just like to tinker.

chron_watch_face_notificationDesigned to work on both square or round displays, Chron Watch Face lists the time dead center of the screen with the date resting below. If you prefer low profile peek cards for notifications then you’ll enjoy that this does not distract or cover the time.

Around the outside of the clock are two traces of light, one (orange) for the hour and one (teal) for the minute. These add a nice touch to the display and help keep things dynamic. Truth be told, your eyes naturally want to look at the clock. That’s where it might be nice to turn off the clock and leave the light traces.

Other details include optimization for AMOLED displays and dimmed mode. If you like to keep your watch face on at all times (ambient mode) then the watch switches over to white and grays atop black.

We did have a slight delay in getting the watch face to synchronize to our Moto 360. Additionally, the first time we installed it we noticed the watch drained much quicker than other faces. Checking the reviews in the Google Play Store we noticed we weren’t alone. Give it a try and see how it works for you; mileage may vary.

As a free watch face we can’t really complain too loudly. But, we have seen other free alternatives that come with at least a couple of options for customization.

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