Dress.Up Fitness Bracelets debuts wristband covers for the Fitbit Flex


Do you ever get that problem where you cant find anything to wear that matches with your Fitbit Flex ?, well some users of the wearable fitness tracker do but worry no more as Dress.Up have come to the rescue.

Originally launched for Jawbone bracelet devices, Dress.Up came up with the idea to design fashionable covers that fit over the original rubber band. The company also found that users of the covers were commenting on how they made Jawbone much more comfortable to wear with less rubbing and chaffing on the wrist. Following on from the covers for Jawbone , Dress.Up have launched a new line of covers that will now turn your Fitbit Flex into a “chic” fashion accessory.

The new line up of Fitbit Flex covers are designed by women for women and will feature¬†Classic, Metallic, Olympic, Sparkle, and Flo’, a line of fluorescent designs that will provide 15 covers that users can easily fit on to their wearable device and turn it into something a bit more trendy.

Source: prnewswire.com