How To: Find apps for Android Wear


So you’ve got yourself one of those new Android Wear smartwatches and now you’re looking to find some kickass apps, eh? Thankfully, Google is making it fairly easy to discover and download apps from the Play Store which have been designed with Android Wear features.

To do so (as of today), you’ll have to navigate to this URL in the Google Play Store. We haven’t found this collection listed in the actual app, Google Play app for Android, or on the website. Be sure to bookmark it if you hope to return again later.

Do note that this url is not a comprehensive list of apps just yet. We’ve encountered a couple of Android apps that have not made the cut for the collection, including Wear Calc, Wear Compass, and Evernote.

We imagine Google will formally introduce a category or sub-category in the Play Store at some point. We get the feeling that the early days be more of a hands-on approach from Google. Should they not curate the list manually they could run the risk of too many junk apps. The last thing they need for the new platform is for some rotten apples to spoil the bunch.

UPDATE: We have started compiling our own list of apps with Android Wear support. Please, do check it out!