Flash Watch adds another Beautiful Watch Face to Android Wear


    If you’re like me and always hunting for the next great watch face to show off via your Android Wear device, Flash Watch, from s4bb, has just released a new update for Android Wear. The latest update brings the ‘CAPSUULA’ face to your Android Wear device, as well as adds the color red to the various options that you can customize. In addition to CAPSUULA, the default watch face that Flash Watch brought to your wrist is known as XTAL.



    The XTAL watch face was the first to make its’ way to the Play Store and onto your wrist, and is inspired by Tokyoflash’s XTAL Wood watch. This watch face features two different types of display modes, Regular and Cryptic. The digits themselves for the regular mode are four stylized, hexagonal LED digits.

    The Cryptic style, looks a little weird at first, but once you get used to looking at the face, you will notice that the digits are the same as the regular time mode, but with the middle line removed. The only one that doesn’t follow this suit is ‘8″ because it just shows the top and bottom lines. The XTAL face also allows you to set weather you would like a glare affect to the watch face, giving it more of an old school digital alarm clock look and feel.

    CAPSUULA brings a ‘regular’ watch face to your wrist and is essentially a large digital clock with minimal customization. You can change the colors, ranging from Mint and Yellow, all the way to Blue and the newest addition, Red. While there the CAPSUULA face is nothing more than a digital clock, it’s still nice to see that s4bb added a “regular” watch face to their lineup.

    Flash Watch

    You can check out Flash Watch via the Play Store widget below for Free. There are no in-app purchases, and switching between watch faces is incredibly easy. Simply open the Flash Watch app, pick which watch face you would like to use, customize it, and tap the hexagon in the top right corner with the mini watch in it. The hexagon will turn green, and once you set Flash Watch as your default watch face, whichever face you chose will present itself.

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