Fleksy keyboard for Samsung Gear 2 is now available as Fleksy Messenger


Fleksy keyboard has been available for Android for a long time now and recently it even landed on iTunes, you so can use it on your iOS 8 devices. It’s a rather decent keyboard with around a million downloads thus far. It may not be the most popular out there, but some people actually prefer it.

Fleksy is now available for Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. The app is called Fleksy Messenger and if you want to be able to quickly reply to SMS messages from your smartwatch you’ll be able to do so using Fleksy. The app will sync with your phone so you’ll be able to browse through contacts and previous SMS messages. Flesky press release:

Fleksy launches Messenger App for Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear users can now use the Fleksy keyboard to send and respond to messages—straight from their wrists

SAN FRANCISCO — June 18, 2014 — Fleksy, the award-winning touchscreen keyboard company, released a messaging app today for the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch. Fleksy is the world’s leading solution for quick and accurate typing, and its patent pending technology has been highly anticipated by the world of wearable technology.

Now with the Fleksy Messenger app, Gear users can use Fleksy’s unmatched technology to send SMS messages straight from their wrists, forever improving their typing experience. The Fleksy app is the first keyboard to integrate with the Samsung Gear 2, allowing users to access previous conversation threads and contacts, receive SMS messages and reply to them straight from their wrist. The Fleksy app syncs with the user’s Smartphone, integrating all information from both devices—all using award-winning technology that makes typing on small devices a breeze.

Founder and COO of Fleksy, Ioannis Verdelis said: “We are excited to have worked with the support of the Samsung Gear team to bring an awesome new app to the Gear ecosystem and Tizen OS. Our unique technology is redefining what wearable technology devices are capable of, and how users will engage with their Smartwatches.”

Fleksy’s patent pending technology is uniquely positioned for wearable devices, designed to help Smartwatch users more easily and accurately reply to text messages. Typing within such a small area can be a challenge, but Fleksy’s sleek design and unparalleled prediction engine makes it virtually effortless. This is one of the first steps in the direction of enabling Fleksy on all smart devices—regardless of their size, shape, and form factor.

The Fleksy Messenger App is available for free download today from Samsung Apps.

“It’s exciting to be expanding to devices like the Samsung Gear, and we’re confident that Fleksy will continue to grow as the leading keyboard for smart and connected devices. We want every owner of a smart device—Smartwatches included—to have access to Fleksy, and to enjoy a happy typing experience.” said Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy.

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You can get Fleksy Messenger for free directly from Samsung Apps. Did you try out the app, do you like it?

VIA: TechCrunch