FORM watch face review: Minimal, colorful, beautiful


There are thousands of Android Wear watch faces out there, and many of them have the options to show you just about every piece of information you could want at a glance. However  some people prefer the simpler approach of a minimal watch face. If that’s you, then you will love this colorful yet simple watchface called FORM from well known developer Roman Nurik.


FORM is free on the Play Store, and it works beautifully on both round and square watches. Setup is quick and easy since everything is controlled inside the Android Wear app on your phone or the watch face settings on your smartwatch.


As far as customization goes, there is little to be found in the FORM settings. In fact, the only complications that you can toggle are an unread count, the date, and a seconds display. Other than that, you can choose between five colors for the watch face, and that wraps up the customizing options. FORM focuses on being beautiful and simple with essentially no distractions.


After using FORM on my Moto 360 and Zenwatch 2 for the past couple of days, it has become one of my favorite watch faces of all time. I never enjoyed having tons of information displayed on my smartwatch, and FORM delivers just what I am looking for and nothing else.

In terms of design, FORM is second to none. The stylizing of all the numbers is beautiful as well as the inclusion of color. However, my favorite part of this watch face by far is the amazing animations that take place as it switches from one minute to the next.


I planned on keeping the seconds display disabled to keep the watch face as minimal as possible, but after seeing these animations, I just had to enable it. The numbers expand, contract, rotate, and shift seamlessly in a gorgeous display of animating genius I can only describe as mesmerizing. There is such fluidity to the numbers that you can’t help but stare at it.

When talking about smooth, constant animations, many might worry that this watch face would be death for your smartwatch’s battery, but thankfully they would be wrong. After spending a few days using FORM as my watch face on my Moto 360, I didn’t notice any significant drop in battery life compared to the basic, analog watch face I had been using previously.


Is FORM a watch face that is worth of some time on your wrist? It is a definite yes from me. That being said, if you are used to having tons of information displayed on your smartwatch, then you might find FORM to stark for you. However, if you enjoy the beauty behind minimal watch faces, you should give this one a try immediately. It is a gorgeous, colorful design that is sure to spruce up any smartwatch. 

Go grab FORM for free from the Play Store!