Fuelband app is finally available on Android


Nike said that it won’t make an Android application for Fuelband, that was February last year. More recently they announced they’ll focus on software rather than hardware, in other words won’t make any more Fuelbands.

Well, be it as it may, they’ve released an Android app for Fuelband. There’s a catch though, this application will work only with the newer limited edition Fuelband SE. Not only that but it requires Android 4.3+ OS and Bluetooth LE support. In other words you’ll be able to use it only on these devices: Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and S3, Nexus 5, HTC One and the Moto X, those are the only supported devices at the moment. Other than that if you’ve used the app on iOS you’ll feel right at home with the Android version.

If you have a Fuelband SE and one of the devices listed above you can download the app on the link below.

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SOURCE: Google Play Store