Fun’iki smart glasses will light up your eyes


The Fun’iki smart glasses have LED lights inside the frames of the glasses as well as built in speakers to tell you notifications from your bluetooth connected smartphone.

The glasses will allow you to customize the type of light and sounds the glasses will project when certain notifications reach them. Emails, messages, calls and much more will alert the Fun’iki glasses instantly through bluetooth.

 FUN’IKI Glasses is linked to smart phone and fully coloured LED light + beep sound from its small speakers will notify you a numerous information without taking any action. No more hustle checking your smart phone every single minute and it looks cool. We believe that FUN’IKI Glasses will be a part of your lifestyle in the most natural way.”

Automated light sensors will calibrate the brightness of the lights when they come on, and you can customize them however you want using a certain app.

The glasses are rechargable via micro-USB and will run you $150, which is a much more acceptable price compared to the much more feature-filled Google Glass currently priced at $1500.


source: Fun’iki