Garmin Approach S6 swings by to improve your golf game


Garmin are big players in the GPS world who have a bunch of well-respected navigation and sport devices that track and measure your every move but with the company’s new Approach S6 , they’re looking to combine their trusted GPS technology with today’s Smartwatch features.

The Garmin Approach S6 is a watch for all you budding golfers out there which aims to better your golf swing by supplying you with a ton of data, which Garmin are very good at, that you can use to analyse how you play and areas to improve on. Being a device that sits on your wrist , it is well placed to catch-all those swing metrics such as Swing-tempo and Swing-strength using a variety of methods and gizmo’s that are built into the watch. With training aids aside, the watch also packs an on-screen map of the course that you are playing on which is pulled from a database of over 30,000 international courses and can point you in the right direction to hit the ball if navigation is not your thing.

Unlike previous golf watches, Garmin have also squeezed in some Smartwatch features into the Approach S6. The watch can be paired with an iPhone S4 or later so that Missed calls, emails and Texts can be displayed on the colour touch screen so you’re not walking around the course and having to keep checking your phone from out of your pocket.

The Approach S6 is due for release in Q3 2014 , hopefully with Android compatibility available by summer and a price tag of around $400.

Head over to the Garmin website for a full low-down on the Approach S6.