Google announces first Glass at Work partners

Doctor Thomas Nowicki, director of Cognitive Simulation

Google Glass has been a rather often guest in news articles lately. In the last few months we’ve seen Google open up Glass sales making them available to everyone within the U.S. borders. We’ve also seen some changes in the leadership of Google Glass project as well as Glass appearing in all sorts of situations, from medical uses to cooking shows.

Google is taking yet another step forward with their smartglasses. They’ve announced “Glass at Work” partners on their Google+ page. Here’s the official post:

We’ve been searching for developers who are creating Glassware to help businesses reach their goals. We heard from hundreds of enterprise developers and today we’re excited to announce our first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners. Congrats to APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence. You can learn more about the Certified Partner Program and our partners here:

If you want to see some of the work our partners are doing, check out how Augmedix is working with Dignity Health so that doctors can spend less time on their computers and more time with patients:

You can find more details about the listed companies on the link above. Google is taking it step by step when it comes to Glass. They’re definitely pushing Glass forward and it’s going to be interesting to see how will it develop in the next few years. Do you think Glass has what it takes to become a mainstream product? Or maybe you think it will stick only in certain practices, such as medicine? Tell us what you think.

SOURCE: Google (Google+)