Google Glass to get Android Wear notifications

Google Glass to get Android Wear notifications

With Android Wear getting its first official outing at Google I/O and the hype of ¬†which Smartwatches will be available, there was little mention of Google Glass and where it fits in with Android Wear’s plans.

No need to worry, Google haven’t forgotten about all the Glass explorers out there, Google still reminded us that Glass is still here and will be integrated into the Android Wear platform. A new Glass software is in the works which will see Google Glass get directly plugged into the wearable service and start to receive Android Wear notifications from your phone.


The nice thing about Glasses compatibility with Android Wear is that no changes are needed in any existing app code to get the notifications displayed on Glass, although the interface will be slightly different from what will be seen on either the LG G watch or the Samsung Gear Live.

With the recent hardware update of Glass and the functionality of Android wear being brought in to the device, Google look to be bringing Glass back to the forefront and comes at time when some users of Glass thought Google had forgotten about them.