Google Glass gets “health record” app for doctors in US


Doctors and Hospital surgeons have taken great interest in Google’s techy eye wear with many of them trialling it out in their day-to-day professions, now a new Glass app has been developed specifically aimed at doctors when having consultations with their patients.

Drchrono, a Mountain View, California., based electronic medical record company has developed a new application for the device it claims is the first “wearable health record.” The company have worked closely with Box, one of its early investors, and the Google Glass team to bring the service to the device which is gaining popularity with medical professional around the globe. 

Doctors who register for the Drchrono app for Glass can use it to record a consultation or surgery with the patient’s permission. Videos, photos and notes are stored in the patient’s electronic medical record or in Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service and can be shared with the patient on request.

The free app is currently in use by 300 doctors who are already using the Drchrono cloud based medical records system and this number is likely to increase.

Does your doctor wear Glass yet ?