Google Glass to help soldiers do some rather futuristic stuff?


Startup TrackingPoint is hoping to protect soldiers in the field with its experimentation with Google Glass and augmented reality.

In a video released on YouTube, TrackingPoint shows off what it would be like to use Google Glass with a camera mounted sensor on the scope of the rifle. It would allow soldiers to see and accurately aim at their target without having to actually come out from cover.

“Wearable technology allows for accurate shots around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side, and over barricades.”

The military may never actually use Google Glass, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it comes up with a solution of its own. This just goes to show that there are numerous uses for wearable technology, not just for taking photos, getting notifications or directions.

Be sure to check out the video below.

VIA: Phandroid

SOURCE: TrackingPoint