Google’s Santa Tracker gets Santa themed watch faces!!!


When I was little kid, I loved to watch the evening news on Christmas Eve so I could catch the updates on Santa’s location.  Knowing that Santa Claus was busy doing his thing made me even more excited, if such a thing were possible.  Through the years the Santa Tracker has seen many iterations: from the local news, to a NORAD hotline and now on your smartwatch.  This year Google added Android Wear compatibility to their Santa Tracking app, but there is an added bonus for those that want to be extra festive.  Now you can have Santa right on your wrist telling you the time.  Now, Santa not only delivers the gifts, but tells you when it’s time to dig in to the pile of presents under the tree.  If your interested, the app is available in the Google Play store or you can hit the link below.  Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to everyone out there!



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Source Google Play Store