Huawei announces Android 6.0 for the Huawei Android Wear smartwatch


Huawei’s Android Wear smartwatch is now receiving an OTA update (1.4) which will bring it to Android 6.0 M. This update is pretty significant as it will activate the internal speaker that Huawei built into the watch allowing users to make and receive phone calls from their watch. It will not allow users to go completely without their phones as it still will need to be connected via Bluetooth.


Users in the U.S. may have started to receive the update as of March 1, but it is a rollout which means some users might get it later. Huawei has stated that every Huawei Watch will get it no later than March 10 in the U.S.

I still have not updated my smartwatch yet, but I did get to demo the feature at C.E.S. 2016 and it was very loud while maintaining clarity.

The update will also include improved battery life and allow for the watch to play alarms and sounds within apps when connected.