Interview: Tagg CEO states why they are number one


    The marketplace is beginning to fill up with new wearable devices, such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and even GPS trackers for pets. I wrote an article a while back about the launch of the Whistle GPS tracker and how it is a very promising device for those who want to ensure the safety of their pets by knowing where they are if they run away. Whistle GPS claimed it was 1/3 the size of all other GPS trackers, and claimed to have double the battery life of competing trackers.

    However, shortly after we posted an article about this, another GPS tracking company called Tagg reached out to us to discuss why their product is by far the best on the market. Period.

    Compared to all the recent releases of GPS trackers, Tagg can be considered the veteran of GPS tracking for pets. CEO of Tagg, Scott Neuberger, told me a bit about Tagg’s history, and how it branched away from the mighty QUALCOMM company to create a GPS tracker smaller than what was available on the market. Even today, the Tagg tracker is smaller than Whistle’s upcoming tracker. But size wasn’t everything for Tagg, as they wanted a device that lasted a long time before needing a charge.

    Neuberger claimed that Tagg’s battery life reached to 15 days and lasts much longer than Whistle’s pet tracker or any other tracker on the market. I asked how this was possible, and learned that Tagg uses a short range beacon in the house (inside of the charger plugged into the wall) so if the pet remains inside a certain boundary where the beacon is, the tracker will be on sleep mode, which dramatically saves the battery life. Sleep mode essentially keeps the GPS off until the tracker leaves the beacon zone of the house. When the pet does leave the area of the beacon, the GPS will switch on and battery life will last up to 4 days.

    Tagg has a built-in accelerometer that can track your pet’s activity and transmit all the data to your smartphone so you know if your pet is getting enough exercise.

    Neubeger was proud to tell me that they were the number one selling pet tracker on Amazon, and was compelled to state the truth behind Whistle’s claims of being the best.

    “We have over 100,000 customers since we started selling Tagg… in 2,000 retail locations.” stated Neuberger, “Whistle is only comparing themselves to other competition besides Tagg.” That seems pretty bold on Whistle’s part to completely ignore their main competitor when comparing stats.

    According to Neuberger, the Whistle GPS tracker uses a very weak and unreliable network to track the collars, while Tagg connects to the largest cellular network in the nation.

    While both trackers seems like great accessories for your pet, Tagg CEO can affirm that their product is better in just about every way compared to Whistle and the competition.  You can learn more about Tagg and Whistle for yourself at and