iSetwatch: A watch that improves your tennis game


The wearable segment is growing at a rapid pace.  At CES 2015 we have seen numerous different smartwatches, smartbands, fitness trackers and other wearables.  The iSetwatch is one such wearable aimed at a very narrow demographic, tennis players.  The iSetwatch is designed to help tennis players track their scores through sets, while also using a smartwatch app to help you track data you can use to improve your tennis game.  You can also use the smartphone app to send your scores to friends, family and coaches so you can show off your progress.

The iSetwatch is able to track scores in all standard tennis match formats.  You can also customize the number of sets, the number of sets per games and more.  The watch can of course tell the time, but also includes an alarm mode, stopwatch, countdown timer and a general purpose timer.  The watch runs off a standard lithium battery and should run for about 2 years.  The iSetwatch syncs with your phone and other iSetwatches within 40 meters by using a low powered bluetooth radio.  This watch would be perfect for anyone who loves tennis and wants to improve their game.  The iSetwatch will be available in several colors including blue, black, pink, white, yellow and red.  It will cost about $130 and be available in April 2015.

Source CES 2015 and iSetwatch