iWatch to come in two models?


Apple’s iWatch is allegedly awaiting FDA approval to get medical certification and athletes are already testing the watch itself, according to the latest rumors.

Pocketnow is reporting that the watch will come in 2 models, “Sports” and “Designer”, according to their anonymous tipster at least. “Sports” model should come with a rectangular design and a rubber bracelet and is allegedly being tested by Kobe Bryant. “Designer” model on the other hand has a circular design and a metallic construction, stainless steel most likely. This variant is reportedly being tested by Dustin Brown and Bubba Watson.

Both of these models will be water resistent and will have a touchscreen. They’ll also both sport at least 8GB of storage, while the “Sports” version (at least) will include¬†heart rate, blood pressure, outside temperature, body temperature, barometric pressure, compass and blood oxygen level sensors.

Do you think there’s any truth to this? Would you like to see 2 version of the iWatch hit the market?