iWatch imminent, with these three patents


Apple just needs to announce this thing before we figure out everything about it, as the “iWatch” has gained three more patents describing some more features of the device.

Spotted by AppleInsider, the three patents all show ways of collecting user data gathered by sensors located on the user’s body. The first patent describes a “method and apparatus for personal characterization data collection using sensors,” and it relies on “data sent by various sensors from which the user’s activity may be inferred.” From there, the data is sent to a smartphone that can generate a “personal ‘scorecard.’”

This all aligns up with the fitness-focused iOS 8 that was announced recently, as well as the heavy fitness marketing Apple has been showing that shows how powerful the iPhone is when it comes to fitness. 

The other two patents simply describe new ways for sensors to be integrated into alarms. One of the patents describes how an alarm can be automatically set in response to the user’s sleep activity, while the other patent explains how those alarms could be repeated or reset based on the presence or lack of motion of a user wearing a sensor.

These patents were filed a little more than a year ago. Also, the alarms clock capabilities align with the news that Apple hired a sleep expert back in February. Does the alleged iWatch capture your attention more than the other smartwatches coming up? Let us know what you think!