iWatch is being tested by professional athletes, report says


    The amount of iWatch rumors lately is insane. We’ve had all sorts of rumors running around and they certainly won’t stop before the launch. Lately we’ve heard the watch will have more than 10 sensors and it will sport these 3 patents.

    9to5Mac says that a bunch of athletes were at Cupertino and that they’re helping with the test process of the upcoming iWatch. Kobe Bryant, Dustin Brown and a few other players from NBA, NHL and MLB were there, according to an anonymous source within the company that is. All of this points to a heavy fitness tracking abilities of the iWatch, although that will be just a piece of the puzzle if all recent rumors are to be believed. These players might as well endorse Apple’s watch, although there’s no word on that.

    The device is expected to launch this October. Do you plan on buying it?