Jawbone patents measuring of body fat with smartphones


You’ve been wearing your fit band and working out to meet your goals, you’re getting all the stats you could want but is there something missing ? Jawbone thinks so and have submitted a patent to measure body fat percentage using the existing sensors found in smartphones, tablets and even wristbands like their own UP24.

The patent, which was recently published by the USPTO, outlines the how use of the GPS, gyroscope , accelerometer and vibration motors will be used to take a body fat measurement. The vibrations are the key part in this method as the device will measure the response of these to determine your body fat percentage, I’m sure that its a lot more technical than this but the concept is pretty clever.

Jawbones potential new technology is quite a leap forward and will provide a new level to what we already track with are fitness devices, but do you think this is going to far and could we be heading for information overload ?