Kiwi: Using the Force and uppercuts to control your phone [‘Watch’ This App]


Now that you’ve got yourself an Android Wear-powered watch you probably find yourself needing to look at your phone less over time. Why not kick things up another notch and make it so you don’t have to look at it for things such as dismissing calls or advancing music tracks?

Kiwi is one such app that allows for user-defined gestures and motions to control our devices. Be it a karate chop or a swipe from side to side, it’s possible to manage our smartphones.

As it appears today there are four gestures to work with: karate chop, upper cut, swiping (Force) left to right, and swiping (Force) right to left. With more promised, we are also hopeful for additional options and deeper ties such as Tasker integration. Note that while some of the earlier reviews are lower, the fact that the developer is quick with updates is a good sign.

‘Watch’ This App is a regular series of articles designed to showcase apps and games which Android Wear owners might be interested in checking out. Updated roughly once per day, it’s our way of alerting readers to cool ways to get more from their smartwatch.

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