LG to fix G Watch corroding problem


Wearers of the first Android Wear powered smartwatch have been hitting LG with complaints that the charging connectors on the back of the watch are starting to corrode, some within weeks of wearing the device. For most users the problem is just causing some discolouration on the metal pins but for other users this corrosion has caused irritation to the skin and the watch no longer being able to charge.

In an email to the Verge, LG acknowledged that the charging connectors on some G watches are suffering from this problem and that Google are releasing an update to fix it.

With the likely cause being a chemical reaction between sweaty skin and an electrical charge from the charging pins, this update will disable a small electrical current between the metal charging connectors when the G Watch is not in the charging dock and hopefully stop the corrosion.

The update has already started to roll out to devices.

Are you suffering from the problem of the charging pins corroding ? let us know if the update fixes it for you.

Source: The Verge