LG G Watch continues to leak all over the web


More LG G Watch leaks have erupted and this time they show an inner glimpse of what makes this Android Wear-powered watch tick.

A system dump of the G Watch recently hit the web courtesy of @UpLeaks and while these dumps do not always show us everything, you can get a good idea of what apk’s could be installed on the device and any manufacturer’s added extras like wallpapers or the dreaded bloatware.


Over at Droid Life, they have been digging deep into the system dump and have uncovered some interesting finds that have us begging for the LG G Watch even more. One of the most notable and surprising finds in the Android Wear OS was the boot up screen, its something very different from the norm that we are used to seeing on our other Android devices as it displays a rather fancy animation that we’ve not seen before and a very nice redesign of the Android logo.


Elsewhere there are images of Clock faces, Google Now cards , an apk for a remote shutter – something that we can only guess would be for taking photos on your mobile device without having to take the shot from the device itself – andĀ even some fitness features are crammed in there too with mentions of a step counter, potential calorie counter, and a compass app.

Google’s whole direction with the G Watch seems to revolve around Google Now functionality which I think is what we need to see in a wearable Android device.

Get more details of the system dump over at Droid Life