LG G Watch gets its first custom ROM


You gotta love the Android modding community, the LG G Watch has only been in the hands of theses clever peeps for a few glorious days and already they have managed to get a custom ROM for Android Wear.

Well know Android modder “Jakeday” has created the ROM which he calls “Ghoma”, supposedly named after the huge arthropod in The Legend of Zelda, and is the first to be developed for an Android Wear device. The ROM can be found over at Rootzwiki.com where Jakeday lists the tweaks to improve Android Wear and claims that it will bring better battery life and reduced lag.

So for any of you lucky G Watch owners out there who love to customise your devices and void warranties, here’s your chance to be the proud owner of the first ever Android Wear ROM.

Head over to Rootzwiki for info and download what you need then tell us what your experiences of the ROM are.