Live out your dream of having Michael Knight’s watch with the KnightRider Watchface app [‘Watch’ This App]


If you’ve ever wanted your smartwatch to look like the watch that David Hasselhoff wore in Knight Rider then the KnightRider Watchface is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Since the show premiered in 1982 so many of us have dreamed of having the watch that Michael Knight used to fight crime with, but up until this point we have had to deal with the harsh reality that it simply didn’t exist. This app remedies that problem by displaying the time, date, and battery indicator, like every watch face, but while also being designed to look remarkably similar to the watch from Knight Rider. Unfortunately it won’t help you fight crime, but it’s a fun app that will make you the envy of every 80’s crime show fan.

While you can’t yet have the artificially intelligent, and nearly indestructivble car that Michael Knight drove, you can certainly have his characteristic watch face.

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