Magellan introduces the new Echo Fit


Magellan introduced their new Echo Fit smartwatch at CES 2015.  We have seen plenty of wearables already, but this looks like one of the best fitness focused smartwatches out there.  The Echo Fit will work with iOS and Android devices or it will work on its own as a standalone watch.  When it’s paired with a smartphone, the watch can be used to control apps or music and send data.  When it’s by itself it will still act as a fitness tracker and sleep monitor.  It looks like Magellan put a lot of thought into how the smartwatch can be used to control apps and music on a smartphone during activities.

The Magellan Echo Fit is packed full of features.  The high resolution screen makes reading the watch during activity very easy.  The Echo Utility App gives users to a whole host of data to help them develop healthy habits.  Finally, The Echo Fit can download apps based on it’s own open platform.  The Echo Fit should be available soon in black, blue, pink and grey.  It will cost $130 by itself or $180 with a bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Source CES 2015 and Magellan