Microsoft and a british designer to bring us wireless charging pants


Yeah, you read that right, wireless charging pants. This is the weirdest thing we’ve seen after Intel unveiled its “Smart Shirt” last month. Microsoft has partnered up with a British designer A. Sauvage in order to achieve this.

This is exactly what you think it is, a pair of luxury pants that would charge your compatible smartphone when you put it in the main pocket where the charging backplate is located. The technology that they’ll use is inductive charging used on a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate. Charging backplate in said pants will have to be charged up before you use it of course, although it will apparently not be (that) noticeable because it would be weird to walk around with a rectangle-shaped bulge in your pants.

This is closer to reality than you think. We’re not talking about a concept here, these pants will be available on Amazon soon.

Source: Nokia
Via: Connectedly