Microsoft glass wear patents emerge


Google Glass is still a long way off from being a mainstream product, if it ever does. But that doesn’t stop most of the other hardware makers from giving smart glass wear a shot. Microsoft is definitely one of those hardware giants that wants to get involved.

Patents describe Microsoft’s headset as a pair of glasses that have sensors that detects audible and visual information for the wearer, such as alerting a pedestrian if a car is coming when walking across the street.

We also have patents here showing that the glasses will act as a VR headset and allow for 3D renderings to be shown on the screen and most likely be compatible with Xbox One and Kinect.

Similar patents were found back in August of 2013, so it looks like this device won’t become public for quite some time, and will be experimented with behind the scenes for awhile. It would be exciting to see this device come to light however, as a Microsoft VR headset for Xbox would be a pretty cool addition.



via WWN