Microsoft’s cross-platform smartwatch could arrive as soon as October


With the range of smartwatches about to hit the market including the LG G Watch, Moto 360, and Samsung Gear Live, there’s one more player in the game that shouldn’t be discounted just yet.

Very little has been said about the smartwatch supposedly being worked on by Microsoft. Other than a patent application from a while back and speculation that it will work with Android and iOS, very little has been leaked.

However, according to Tom’s Hardware, a ‘trusted source’ has reveiled some details. Here’s what they do know:

– The smartwatch will be slimline and follow a form factor similar to the Nike Fuelband.
– It will feature a built-in heart-rate monitor.
– The display will be on the inside of the wrist.
– There will be 11 sensors.

Most importantly, it seems it may be released as soon as October, but after Android Wear can it really make an impact?

SOURCE: Tom’s Hardware