Moment Smartwatch coming to Kickstarter


There may be many smartwatches coming to market, but not a ton that offer “a perfect blend of fashion and technology” along with a full QWERTY keyboard.

MomentumLabs is hoping to change all that with the Moment Smartwatch coming to Kickstarter at noon Tuesday (June 24).

Taking a bit of advice from Pebble, the device will have an e-ink display, giving it a long battery life, 30 days to be exact. The display is not only e-ink, but also a touchscreen as well.

Momentum hopes to set its device apart with its sleek design that is only 0.9 mm thin and less than 100 g, has a full keyboard to be able to reply to all your messages and post to social networks such as Facebook right from your wrist, and it has four programmable areas able to recognize “standard touches and gestures” that Momentum is hoping developers will be able to find interesting uses for. The Moment will be easily upgradable and has an area where small electronic modules can be added to give the device extended features like inductive charging or even the newest biometric sensors.

We should have more information about the device soon once the campaign kicks off on Kickstarter this week. For now, check out the video blow.

Moment Smartwatch via Ubergizmo