Montblanc creates a smartband for mechanical watches


When you talk to watch lovers about smartwatches, you often hear how they would be hesitant to trade one of their mechanical watches for a smartwatch.  Mechanical watches are more than watches to those who collect them, they are art.  Well, now you can have the best of both worlds.  Montblanc, the maker of high end timepieces, fountain pens and other goods have created an ‘e-strap’ that can be equipped on a traditional timepiece so any watch can become smart.

The ‘e-strap’ is basically a watch band with a smart module built into the leather band.  The monochromatic 0.9″ OLED touchscreen will rest on the underside of your wrist.  The smartband gives you all the usual functions you would expect, such as: activity tracking, notifications, music controls, a remote camera trigger and others.  The band connects to your phone via Bluetooth and the companion app (available for iOS and Android) helps you keep track of all of your data.  The ‘e-strap’ will be an option on Montblanc’s 2015 Timewalker Urban Speed Collection.  The collection of watches ranges in price from $3,319 to $5,675 and the ‘e-strap’ will cost another $300.  The ‘e-strap’ should be available separately sometime in summer 2015.


Source Montblanc via Engadget and A Blog to Watch