Morphing Watch Face review


Up for review today is a watch face known as. Designed by Thema, a developer with some two dozen watch faces, Morphing is considered both interactive and animated.

Play with the options for but a moment and you’ll find it does more than simply display a clock. Indeed, there are plenty of customizable shortcuts that can be tapped to perform various functions. Additionally, there’s a very subtle wave-like effect that adds a touch of life to an already cool design.


Before going further, we should note that we used a Huawei Watch for reviewing purposes. Installation and setup was a breeze in that we were given an option to set Morphing as the default watch face directly from the way. To be clear, you do not need top open the app on your phone. There are some automatic presets that come with the design.

Screenshot_20160505-152931Given the watch face was priced $1 we figured there would be at least a basic amount of options to tweak the design. We were quite impressed, however, to learn there are essentially endless configurations available.

Not only can one change the color gradients of the upper half the clock, but it’s possible to tailor notifications and shortcuts to apps and functions. Want to see how many unread SMS messages or emails you have? Perhaps you’d like to be able to quickly tap your watch to find your phone. Or, perhaps, you just want to glance at the battery life of the watch and see the current weather conditions. It’s all there, plus so much more. Screenshot_20160505-143546

Other items you can view at a glance include missed calls, unread Gmail, step count, heartbeat frequency, stopwatch, flashlight, and timer. There are three places, called widgets, in which you can display items. Turn them all off, of course, if you’d like a more clean aesthetic.

It’s also possible to drill down and customize the clock itself. Choose between 12/24 hr clocks, US and European date formats, and weather sources. Beyond that, it’s up to you to decide whether you want the top and bottom halves to move in a wake-like motion or if you’d like animated seconds.

We were more more than impressed with the breadth of options at our disposal. Not only that, we love how easy it is to adjust the settings to match our moods or watch bands. Suffice it to say, we’ll be keeping an eye on the other watch faces out of the Thema camp.

The app itself could use a touch of help; it feels a little cluttered given that the top third of the screen is a look at the current watch layout. Perhaps an option to show or hide previews would help here. Having said that it’s certainly not going to keep us from recommending Morphing.