MOTA Smartring to debut at IFA Berlin


Yesterday, MOTA announced a new stylish smart ring that gives wearers a quick view at notifications.

Paired with an Android or iPhone, the ring can give its wearer information and notifications, such as incoming calls, text messages. You can personalize which kinds of notifications to see and which calls can go through the smart ring. The notifications come to the ring in text form and can come and go at the speed of the wearer’s choice.

There is currently an app for Android and iPhone that lets the ring work with popular apps like Facebook and Twitter, but in time the company hopes to be compatible with Instagram and more.

“Notification of incoming calls, texts and app information has become the single most important function of a mobile phone,” said MOTA Co-Founder Kevin Faro. “But it’s also become a major thorn in the side of the mobile user. The types and sources of notifications are proliferating rapidly. Increasingly many are being presented as urgent. Users tell us they continually have to delve into different apps on their phones and are becoming swamped trying to keep up. The MOTA SmartRing gives wearers a super easy and very natural way to see who’s trying to reach them anytime, anywhere.”

This water resistant smart ring will be fully unveiled at IFA Berlin on September 5th, stay tuned for updates!

via Market Wired