Moto 360 appears in Google development post, looks BIG


Man, I knew smartphones were getting bigger. But it’s too early for smartwatches to get huge too! We’ve got a picture of what definitely looks like a Moto 360, and it takes up more of the wrist than I though it would.

Prototype or not, this device is almost sticking out over the side of the man’s wrist, which could end up being a turn off for many. Or, like smartphones nowadays, people may actually accept this larger watch style.

But with a smartwatch this size, you might as well pull out your Galaxy Note to check your text messages. Of course, this picture is labeled to be a prototype model so this may not be how the actual watch looks, nobody knows yet.

But, as soon as more pictures and information leak out about the Moto 360, which comes out in about a couple weeks/months, we’ll let you know!

source: Android Developers Blog