Moto 360: what we know


Since Android Wear was introduced 2 months ago we’ve seen 2 companies come forward and announce they are working on an Android Wear powered smartwatch, those companies were LG and Motorola. LG teased its LG G Watch while Motorola did the same for its Moto 360 smartwatch and considering we already covered the LG G Watch with a similar article, it’s time to do the same for Moto 360. Motorola unlike LG gave us more info regarding their upcoming smartwatch, they even held a Google Hangout dedicated only to Moto 360.

Let’s get down to it, what we know about Moto 360:

  • It will run Android Wear OS and it accordance to that it will need a paired smartphone in order to work.
  • We know how the smartwatch will look, it will sport a rounded shape and according to Jim Wicks who is a lead desinger on this project there’s more to it than meets the eye. He said that the rounded design choice has more advantages to it than we might think, which is a big tease absent any additional details of course. The rounded shape of the device will let it have a bigger surface to work on while fitting nicely on your wrist.
  • It will have interchangeable watchbands. Jim Wicks emphasized the importance of customization, he said that it’s important that the watch has interchangeable watchbands so that it can adapt to its user and we could not agree more.
  • It will have a fancy way of charging. Motorola teased the charging aspect of the watch but didn’t give us much to go on. We’re guessing some way of inductive charging, Qi presumably.
  • Premium materials when it comes to build, so don’t expect the watch to be cheap.
  • Battery life should be really good. Wicks said that the battery life is their priority and if we take Moto X for an example we could expect this watch to be juiced up for a while.
  • The watch will work on Android 4.3 devices and higher.
  • Camera won’t be included, because what’s the point. They concluded camera shouldn’t be on a smartwatch, we have our smartphones for that which we’ll have to carry either way and we agree. We would rather take out our smartphone and get a decent picture than deal with some crappy smartwatch camera which would certainly bulk up the smartwatch.
  • Notifications will scroll vertically, at least they did when Wicks was messing around with the device.
  • Possible multiple sizes in order to fit both men and women. Wicks mentioned something regarding that, so there’s hope for people with smaller wrists.
  • It will be released in the summer of 2014.

What we don’t know:

  • Specifications. We can only guess when it comes to specifications, there are no details regarding that at this time.
  • Accurate release date, summer 2014. is rather vague.
  • Price, other than it will probably be premium considering the looks of the device and premium materials that will be used to make it.
  • Details regarding the interface of the watch.
  • One more thing, that feature that they didn’t mention and we hope they will introduce, geeks will be geeks.

That’s it. All there is to do now is wait and hope for more leaks or that the smartwatch will get released sooner rather than later, beginning of the summer anyone? There’s always hope. Are you excited about this smartwatch? Which one do you prefer, LG G Watch or Moto 360?