Motorola Moto 360 price revealed


As you well know, Motorola caused a stir within the smartwatch space with their announcement of the Moto 360 several months back and since then we have seen a mountain of images and specs being leaked all over the net plus an impromptu airing on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon.

Even with all the coverage of the watch, the price of the Moto 360 was one thing that Motorola were being tight lipped about. But now an on-line retailer in the UK seem to have the answer to the question that every potential owner of a Moto 360 wants to know with a £199 price tag being reviled. 

You can only registrar an interest at the moment as we expect to see the official launch of the Moto 360 along with Android Wear at Google I/O in a couple of weeks.

Source: MobileFun